Happy Black History Month!

The other day, while driving home, I found myself thinking about Shonda Rhimes’ book “Year of Yes”. At the end of another long day,  I fantasized about creating my own “Year of No”.

Like everyone else, I have long forgotten my laundry list of New Year’s resolutions, as I type this blog post in early February. But one sticks out, and maybe will be a good transitory mantra to my Year of  No—I will try to say either “Hell Yes!” or “No” to any request in 2018.  No more lukewarm, “I think I can do that”, “it will only be a short-term project”, or “it’s just easier if I go ahead and take that assignment” responses. I’ve realized that those responses don’t make me happy, and don’t allow me to bring my best efforts anywhere.   I’ve brought this harsh, but clarifying criterion up in a number of my coaching conversations in January, and I now share it with you!

What would you say “no” to, if you could, today?

Here’s what I will be saying “no” to, for starters:

  • Leading another committee, or engaging in committees that I don’t feel like need my unique contribution;
  • Packing my days too tight with calls and meetings;
  • Packing my daughter’s extracurricular activities too tight (most evenings, if I don’t have an engagement, she does, and I’m driving her around

And, since I hate hearing the word “no” to any of my requests, and least of all saying the word to myself (hello cake!) here’s what I will be saying “yes” to, instead:

  • More space to plan, write, and think;
  • More exercise (I started yesterday—did 50 minutes on the elliptical);
  • More clients, and more ways to serve them (I’m planning a VIP day outline and a retreat in June, Inmail me for more details!);
  • More planning of meals, especially dinners (I can’t keep up this pace of eating out);
  • More time to rest and sit on my couch;
  • More time for family and friends.

What will you say “Hell, yes!” to, or “No” to? Please make a comment below.

Janine Hill is a career coach, consultant, and instructor, working to support those in the social good sector navigate career transitions, have their voices be heard, and be their authentic selves in the workplace. E-mail her if you’d like to schedule a 30 minute chat to learn about how she can support your goals!

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