Patience is not a virtue I was born with. I am happiest when I am on the go, and FAST! Once upon a time, I finished my Master’s in Public Health degree in 1 calendar year. 

I was reminded, today, however, while on a walk along the lake, that sometimes you are forced to take the long road, and that is okay. When I look back over my life, I realize that times I was able to do a lot of walking/running (and examining of my questions and thoughts) were frequently followed by some profound personal and/or professional growth. While in graduate school, I spent hours walking through Boston Common to my third floor walk-up apartment in the North End. Last summer, I trained for my first half-marathon, and on those 8-10 mile runs on Saturday mornings, I thought a lot about my personal relationships, and what I wanted my consulting/coaching practice to look like. 

As we get back to work today after a mid-week holiday, I want to share that the long road, in which you have time and space to ask the hard questions and await answers, is sometimes the only way to go. I know that flies in the face of our society’s incessant push for faster and more streamlined, straight-forward ways of doing everything – but I’d like to ask you to hold the line sometimes, and give yourself a bit of grace in doing so. Sometimes you have to wander a bit to find YOUR way.

Where is your long road leading you?

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