We never know where our next job, consulting opportunity, or awareness-building opportunity will come from, and thus it is important to reach out and have as many people know us and what we do professionally as possible.

In my opinion, LinkedIn is underutilized as a networking platform. I’ve met many people that I would have never come into contact with otherwise—and those connections have resulted in speaking engagements, finding new coaching clients, and me providing advice and business to others.

In one year, from 11/27/17 to 11/27/18, I went from 1,521 to 5,272 connections – an increase of 3,751 connections (averaging over 10 new connections a day) –  WITHOUT spending hours each week on the platform, and while being quite thoughtful about who I am connecting to, and why.

How did I do it?  Here’s several tips, if you’d also like to increase your connections, with little effort.

1.      Track your connection numbers, so you can see your progress. I can tell you how many connections I had on 11/27/17 not because I am a numbers whiz, but because I have a spreadsheet, with dates and connection totals listed. I have a goal of 10 -15 new connections a day.

2.      Use the algorithms LinkedIn uses to suggest connections to your advantage.  Spend some time looking at the “people you may know” section – and seek to connect if any of those people look interesting to you. LinkedIn suggests them because you already have a series of connections in common.

3.      Every so often, if I want a burst of new connections, you can go to the “Add contacts” section on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has figured out who are in your Contacts, that you haven’t yet connected with on LinkedIn, and suggest them to you.

4.      If you don’t already have the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone, do yourself a favor and download it today. I find myself looking for new connections while waiting at the post office, coffee shops…you get the picture.  It makes me feel quite efficient to get my java boost and gain new connections at the same time! 

Here’s my number #1 tip…

ALWAYS, whenever you meet someone new at an event, before you go to sleep that night, search them out and seek to connect on LinkedIn.   I do this religiously, when I present in front of a new group at a retreat, on a panel, or sit next to someone cool at a table at a luncheon—I want to connect before the resonance built in that interaction fades.  Tip #4 makes this easier.

Next year, my goal is 5,000 new connections.  I will report back in late November, 2019!

I have so many more thoughts and tips about LinkedIn, that I share with my career coaching clients –  if you are ready to take your networking to another level, please reach out to me via Inmail to chat about your goals and how I can help you get there. I have a couple of remaining coaching slots for December. 

In this season of giving, give to YOURSELF FIRST!  Prepare your network now, for your new opportunities in 2019!

What are your tips for increasing meaningful LinkedIn connections?

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