Soar Strategies is led by its founder and president, Janine Hill

Our Goal:

We intend to help you understand and demonstrate your value in the marketplace as an individual or leader, while still bringing your authentic self to work using customized personal and group processes.

Welcome to Soar Strategies!

Soar Strategies is a consulting and coaching firm committed to helping leaders and groups in the social good and corporate sectors to share their strengths, create goals, and achieve their professional as well as personal goals through a collaborative process.

We are passionate about teams and individuals. We believe that our diversity in experiences, knowledge, and thoughts are our best qualities, and our goal is to help your special gifts shine at work, school, and home by creating brave spaces for coaching interactions, as well as consulting engagements.

We believe that change is a collaborative process that must be guided by goals. We seek to continuously collaborate with organizations, individuals, and teams to facilitate crucial conversations that lead to transformation.

Janine’s Story

I enjoy working with diverse groups of coaching clients and organizations to navigate issues such as change management, diversity, gender, & inclusion, leadership development and planning and executing a strategic job search.  Before Soar Strategies launched, I worked as the executive director of EverThrive Illinois for 6+ years, where I helped double its revenue, oversaw an organizational rebrand, and strengthen its private/public partnerships.

I loved being an executive director.  I got to work on policies that mattered to the lives of women, children, and families;  work with an amazing staff and Board; and develop my leadership skills. I still collaborate with many colleagues I met from that experience today!  When I left, I realized that I wanted to make a larger impact–I wanted to touch individuals and teams from multiple organizations, not just one. My goal has always been to nurture, support, and advise fellow leaders;  I’d like to leave the world a little better than I found it.

I love the academic environment and am a maternal and child health (MCH) practitioner by training.  Currently, I teach 2 courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health and am working to complete my Ph.D. there in maternal and child health methods, programs, and policies.  I also hold a BS in Biology from Georgetown University and an MPH from Boston University.

I take ongoing learning to be the best consultant and coach for my clients seriously.  I’m a Coaches Training Institute-trained coach and a 2018-19 Fellow with the National Equity Project.

As I consider my work as a coach and consultant to be a healing profession, I try to practice what I preach to clients about the importance of self-care. In my down time, I love to read (“White Fragility”, “Becoming”, and “The Big Leap” are recent reads), run 5Ks, getting massages and facials, and hanging out with my daughter, godson, and family.

For more information about what I’m reading and thinking about,
please check me out on LinkedIn and Twitter.

My Approach

I believe that my clients have the answers to their issues, inside – my goal is to create an environment in which they can be thoughtful, authentic, vulnerable, and introspective. I do this by asking questions, sharing my own experiences (sometimes), and holding the vision for their lives, or a particular project, in the forefront.   I value equity, discovery, creativity, learning, and accountability.

Blog Posts

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