17 Years, and 88 Days

17 Years, and 88 Days

It’s taken me some months to write this. The title denotes the length of time I’ve estimated it’s taken to complete my dissertation, from the first day of classes to my dissertation defense. Truth be told, I am still formatting, editing – but I am over the big hump and plan to graduate in May.

This was such a source of embarrassment, for a long time. This dissertation, if it were a person, is older than my actual child!  I completed my Master’s degree in exactly 1 calendar year – I knew how to do this school thing.  And, then, I just didn’t.

I could give you a whole lot of excuses about why it took so long.  New marriage, then divorce; having an infant, toddler, and now teenager; starting and expanding a business; losing my mother; living through a pandemic.

The honest truth is – it just wasn’t my time.   It WAS, however, a period during which I tried to learn patience, perseverance, and asking for any and all help.

I write this to share with anyone who is completing a degree, starting a business, looking for a job – sometimes you have to sit in the winter phase of the year. Stay focused. Do what you can (even if it feels like the smallest of efforts) to move forward. Rest. 

Delayed is not denied – not if you don’t allow it to be.

Signed, Janine Hill, PhD 

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