Embracing Equity

Janine Hill, PhD

You want a multi-racial leadership team, but where do you start?

You’ve read books like How to Be an Anti-RacistSo You Want to Talk about Race, and White Fragility – now, what’s the next step? In the midst of the Great Resignation, how can you prevent the revolving door of staff members and leaders of color? There is a way to develop and maintain an organizational culture that celebrates multiculturalism and promotes racial equity, helps attract diverse candidate pools, and helps you sustain a leadership team that reflects your clients and communities.

As the president of Soar Strategies, a coaching and consulting firm focused on the program, policy, and organizational development of the social good sector, Dr. Janine Hill knows what it takes to implement and maintain a multicultural staff.
In Embracing Equity: Best Practices for Developing and Keeping a Winning Multi-Racial Leadership Team, author Janine Hill will take you step-by-step through a plan to:

  • Begin recruiting amazing candidates of color
  • Market your organization as a safe and brave space for all staff
  • Understand accountability and better decision making
  • Determine if staff are unhappy or considering leaving your organization

If you’re ready to have a happy, multicultural staff, read the best-selling book Embracing Equity today!

What's the first step?

If you’d like to talk with Janine, please find a time on her calendar for an initial, complementary strategy session.

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